OBJECTIVE EXPRESSIONISM --- A Philosophical Theory of Art and Science

 I view abstract art as an endeavor to explore the world of the mind in its various emotional, intellectual and spiritual modalities.  I consider these modalities elements of consciousness, elements that are available for artistic, introspective inquiry within my own mental experiences and which can be expressed through an artistic abstraction.  In addition to exploring these modalities,  I seek to combine abstract art with science and philosophy, hoping the fruits of artistic abstraction and expression can shed light on fundamental questions involving the universe and our place in it.  My contention is that the methods of science and philosophy are not sufficient for understanding the universe.  Science and philosophy must allow methods of artistic expression  to influence the flow of rational inquiry. 

 Many scientists claim their best ideas come from intuition or some non-rational source, and that rationality and mathematics are only the means by which ideas are explored and confirmed in a scientific manner.  I believe that scientists can benefit from a greater flow of intuition by incorporating abstract painting into the methods of science, experimentation and mathematics.  Abstract art is a language of intuition, and intuition is a necessary element of rational inquiry.  Without intuition and the free flow of ideas, rationality would have less to ponder about.  I believe abstract art can provide science with a greater flow of intuition and ideas than rationality and scientific methods can provide on their own.  

I refer to Objective Expressionism as an attempt to integrate abstract art with the theoretical constructs of science and  philosophy. Abstract art can export the subjectivity of consciousness and intuition onto the objective machinery of theoretical reason, the machinery that is used by science and philosophy to understand the fabric of the universe. I refer to Aesthetic Information as the bits of consciousness and intuition that originate in the mental repertoire of the artist, which  can be integrated artistically with the theoretical machinery of science and philosophy. I refer to the latter machinery as Theoretical Information. Objective Expressionism is thereby an artistic endeavor attempting to integrate Aesthetic Information with Theoretical Information, an endeavor to utilize the broad spectrum of subjective conscious experiences to enhance our objective understanding of scientific reality.
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